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80 Years SITC-MPSI-IPSI-UPSI 1922-2002

(20 November 2002)


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Suluh Budiman Building

Suluh Budiman Building covers an area of 3,239 square meters was officially opened by sir George Maxwell, Chief secretary of the Malay Federation on the 29 November 1922. The building is based on English architecture, Roman and Gothic, during the middle age era and structured by Kestevan, where builders were brought from Java and labourers from China.

During the SITC-era, the building was used as classrooms, reading room, principal's room and Za'ba's Karang Megarang office. Now, the building is use as the administrative office for the Department of Student  Welfare and Development besides a Royal and VIP holding room exclusively for state dignitaries. When UPSI was established on the 1 May 1997, this building was being gazette as an asset and the site for the Museum of Education.

Chancellery Building 

The Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) Chancellery Building which covers 9,070 square meter of floor area on a 1,564 acres land of a previously hockey field was completed on the 18 May 2000 and launched on the 30 June 2001. This is the first building constructed since the establishment of UPSI that is in line with its status as a University and approved in the 7th Malaysian Plan.

This 4 storey building accommodates the administrative office of the University's executive board and also the office of the main administrative and academic department. The building also has 8 lecture halls to accommodate 120 capacity of students, 2 halls for 100 students and another 2 for 60 students. The building was based on the education concept, in line with the development and progress of UPSI as the premier education center in the region.

Tadahan Selatan Building

In line with the establishment of the Sultan Idris Training College (SITC) in 1922, the Tadahan Selatan building located at the right side of the dining hall (now the university library) twinning with the Tadahan Utara building was build with a combine area of 2,176 square meters.

This building was used as a  hostel for the SITC and MPSI students with each can hold 3 hostel of 60 to 70 students. Today, the building is fully used as lecture and lecturers rooms to cope with the increasing number of University students. The building is also gazetted as an asset of the Museum of Education.

Technical Details

Date of Issue 29 November 2002
Denomination 30 sen, 50 sen Setenant
Stamp Size 40mm X 30mm
Miniature Sheet Denomination RM2.00
Miniature Sheet Size 100mm X 70mm
Stamp Size in Miniature Sheet 40mm X 50mm
Perforation 14
Sheet Content 20 stamps
Paper Watermarked, Phosphor Coated
Printing Process Lithography

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