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Islands and Beaches of Malaysia

(31 July 2002)


Islands and Beaches in Malaysia Islands and beaches in Malaysia

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Pulau Sibu, Johor

One of the most developed islands, Pulau Sibu is a half an hour boat ride from Tanjung Leman. There are ample chalets as well as camping areas on this island, surrounded by clear glassy blue to deep green waters. Artificial tire-reefs have been set up off the coast, making it truly an anglers haven.

Pulau Perhentian, Terengganu

The island, which is 21 km off Kuala Besut, Terengganu, is divided into two islands - Pulau Perhentian Kecil and Pulau Perhentian Besar. While the former is a fishing village, the latter is a developed tourist haven. The natural unspoilt environment and the rich diversity of corals and marine fauna is the main attraction of the island. Not forgetting also the soft sandy beaches and the palpable aura of tranquility.

Pulau Manukan, Sabah

Pulau Manukan is one of the most developed of the Tunku Abdul Rahman islands located just 15 minutes from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The semi-circular island offers raw natural beauty including long white beaches, sparkling emerald waters and rich fauna and flora. Diving enthusiasts will be truly fascinated by the rare coral reefs found underwater.

Pulau Tioman, Pahang

Cited as one of the most beautiful volcanic islands in the world, the mystical island of Tioman, which lies 60 km off the southeast coast of the Peninsular, is one of the most glittering jewels' of the South China Sea. It's clear emerald waters, an amazing underwater world, thundering waterfalls, mist-shrouded mountains, exotic tropical flora, white sandy beaches are just some of the magical attractions of Tioman.

Pulau Singa Besar, Kedah

Located south of Pulau Langkawi between the Dayang Bunting and Beras Basah islands, Pulau Singa Besar is a mere 40-minute boat ride away from the Kuah Jetty for its visitors. The white sandy beaches, the varying species of birds and animals as well as the visitor facilities, are great attractions not only for tourists but also for scientists.

Pulau Pangkor, Perak

Pulau Pangkor, merely a half an hour boat ride away from the Lumut Jetty, is a tropical paradise with white beaches and crystal clear waters. Aside from the many beach-fronted resorts that offer countless water-recreational activities, the island also has a number of historical remnants, left over by the Dutch and Bugis pirates.

Batu Ferringhi Beach, Penang

One of the most popular beaches in Penang Island, the Batu Feringhi is one of the most developed areas in Penang. The short stretch of Batu Ferringhi has one of the highest number of 5-star hotels, restaurants, handicrafts and souvenir shops. Tourist, both local and foreign flock to Batu Ferringhi for its crystal clear waters, white powdery beaches and suitable accommodation offering numerous sea-sports activities.

Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

A popular getaway destination, Port Dickson has a long stretch of beachfront on which exclusive villas, bungalows and resorts have mushroomed. Popularly known as PD, the numerous beaches are slightly more than an hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur via the KL-Seremban and the Port Dickson Highways. The main road of the PD township runs parallel to the coastline offering panoramic views of the sea and sunset.

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