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Rare Flowers Series II

(11 January 2005)


Rare Flowers Series II Rare Flowers Series II

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The Rhododendron series of stamps features the rare species of flowering plants that are found on the slopes of Mount Kinabalu, Sabah. There are 35 species of Rhododendrons found in Sabah and 25 or these species can be seen on the slopes of Mount Kinabalu. Some 12 species of Rhododendrons are unique for they can only be found in Sabah.

Rhododendrons belong to the Ericacae family and are characterized by their large leaves, and large terminal flower clusters. The flowers are shaped like bells, with colors ranging from white, pink, purple to red. However, the flowers cannot withstand direct and intense sunlight, which would bleach the color of the flowers. Rhododendrons need sandy soil with partial shade to grow well.

Some Rhododendrons grow as shrubs while others grow as trees up to four meters in height. These flowering plants are popularly used as borders or decorative items as part of the landscape, and also as specimen plants.

Rhododendron lowii

This species has the largest individual flowers of any Bornean Rhododendron. The flowers are rich gold or apricot in color. The enormous broad green leaves distinguish, this species, and it grows in partially shaded moist soul at altitudes between 2700 meters and 3650 meters. At the upper end of the altitude, the size of the plants are much smaller. This species does not thrive as potted plants, and does not produce any flower in cultivation.

Rhododendron nervulosum

The Rhododendron nervulosum has long, narrow and flat leaves with scales. It also has an abundant of small veins. The species grows as shrubs with smooth branches, ending with one or two flowering umbels. It is usually found at altitudes between 2500 meters and 3000 meters.

Rhododendron stenophyllum

Rhododendron stenophyllum has very narrow, dark green leaves with sparse scales. Its flowers range from orange to red and are waxy in appearance. it grows at altitudes from 2700 meters to 2800 meters, and has two different sub-species that cultivates at different altitudes. The species can only be found in Mount Kinabalu, and its flowers throughout the year, especially from February to June.

It can grow from a small shrub into a small tree up to 4 meters high, with branches that are round and covered with scales when young.

Rhododendron rugosum

Rhododendron rugosum is easily distinguished by its pink, hairy flowers and coarsely weaned. Wrinkled leaves with brown scales. It grows in the altitudinal range of 2000 meters to 3500 meters. The species cultivates well but rarely flowers. It grows in shrubs or small trees up to 8 meters. The twigs are covered by dense brown scales that rub off easily.

Rhododendron stapfianum

This species is highly distinctive with its covering of white hair. It produces flowers throughout the year, but the main flowering season is March and April. Rhododendron stapfianum grows in shrubs up to 1 meter height. The twigs are rounded and green in color with white hair and brown scales.

Technical Details

Date of Issue 11 January 2005
Denomination 30 sen (2 designs), 50 sen, RM1
Stamp Size 30mm X 40mm
Miniature Sheet Denomination RM2.00
Miniature Sheet Size 100mm X 70mm
Stamp Size in Miniature Sheet 40mm X 30mm
Perforation 14
Sheet Content 20 stamps
Paper Watermarked, Phosphor Coated
Printing Process Lithography

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