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Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah

(18 July 2006)


Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah

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Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah

Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah was officially opened by HRH Sultan Azlan Shah on 9 December 2003. Originally a palace called "Istana Ulu", the gallery has been painstakingly restored to its former glory. Now it houses and displays the history and milestones of the illustrious life of HRH Sultan Azlan Shah, the 34th Ruler of Perak Darul Ridzuan.

Apart from its historical significance, the magnificent building of Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah showcases a unique fusion of architectural styles. Its roof bears the unique 'bumbung limas' of Aches, an imposing pyramid-like roof structure, while its overall shape is an aesthetic blend of local and colonial features. In the initial construction stage, building material were sourced from overseas - roof tiles from France while wall and floor tiles were sourced from Italy - to complement local stones and the best of 'cengal' and 'meranti' wood used for the roof trusses and beams.

Visitors to the gallery will first be awed by the award winning landscaping, with lush plantings, water features and the ample use of labu sayong, a pottery craft, exclusive to the royal township of Kuala Kangsar. The 'centerpiece' fountain has water gushing out from a series of five sayong vases, to cascade into a pool that meander around the compound.

In the exhibit chamber dedicated to the showcase of information and records on the ruling Sultans of Perak, there are photographs depicting Istana Iskandariah circa 1897. The glory of the Perak Sultanate at that time had been distinctly captured in a photograph taken of Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah I with prominent state-officials. The historical moment of the Installation of Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah I was forever immortalized in another photograph showing Installation Celebration held at the Residency Building in 1897.

Visitors to the gallery will get to see a replica of Balairong Seri (the Throne Room) complete with the ceremonial regalia used during the installation of HRH as the 34th Sultan of Perak, and other ceremonial items used today when he holds court at Istana Iskandariah. Visitors to the gallery too will get a closer look at HRH's schooling days and his legal career at the Judiciary exhibit chamber. Here, a portrait of HRH by world-renowned Malaysia artist Ibrahim Hussein and also by other local artists, commissioned by the Crown Price, takes pride of place.

Keris Taming Sari

Keris Taming Sari is one of the State Regalias and is the ultimate symbol of the sovereignty of the State of Perak. The entire sheath and handle is enveloped with golden leaves. It is made of an alloy of 20 metal composites, said to come from bolts holding Mecca's Holy Ka'abah gates. The Keris is said to possess supernatural ability to rotate through the air in pursuit of its target. Keris Taming Sari, the State Keris, is inherited by each Sultan of Perak since Raja Mudzaffar Shah was installed as the first Sultan of Perak (1528-1549)

Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah Building

This magnificent building of Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah, houses and displays the history and milestones of the illustrious life of HRH Sultan Azlan Shah, the 34th Ruler of Perak Darul Ridzuan. Amongst the display in the exhibits are: The Genealogy of The Perak Sultanate, The Royal Family, Chronology of HRH's career in the legal service, HRH as the 9th Yang DiPertuan Agong, Installation Ceremony of HRH as the 34th Sultan of Perak, HRH's Schooling Days, and HRH's Collection of Gifts, Keris and Automobiles.

Royal Aigrette

The Royal Aigrette, specially designed by Almarhum Sultan Idris Murshiduladzam Shah I in the year 1911. Since the demise of His Royal Highness in 1916, the Royal Aigrette has become part of the Perak State Regalia and the Ruler's ceremonial dress.

Technical Details

Date of Issue 18 July 2006
Denomination 30 sen, 50 sen, RM1
Stamp Size 40 mm X 30 mm
Perforation 14
Sheet Content 20 stamps
Paper SPM Watermarked, Phosphor Coated
Printing Process Lithography

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